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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well I didnt go to college today ...stayed in..the swine flu week off just isnt enough ..n like Karen Said .......U only know how much u miss something when its not There ...well we didnt miss college ....It shows how much we like going there ....well dont get me wrong ..I love my college Sophia's has Taught me tonnes.. However ...It gets to be a drag going there every day when ur not having that much fun ...I know I know ..Life isnt all fun and Games ...But what wrong in liking what ur doing ...I Just dont have that much fun In college ..I love the psychology Lectures though especially Abnormal psychology ...we have a great professor Who Im Sure Can even make the theory of relativity interesting n easy to understand ....she is Just great .... a little intimidating though hand Shivers if I have to answer her in Class ...She is the vice Principal after all its not my fault if I am afraid ..(In my defence its a conditioned response)..well I dont know why the hell I took economics ..I just cant figure why a person As normal n as happy as me would want to inflict self torture ...See I dont want to be mean toward the die hard economics fans...heck I dont Understand why some ppl dont like Harry potter I cant believe It sometimes ..........However there is no denying ..that however much I Wanna Stay awake during the Lecture I end up dozing no Actually Sleeping ....Its not my fault if my body decides ..despite mt best efforts switch off at the time of the economics Lecture ....I try but to no avail I dont even know When My eyes shut ...only when I fream of something n then I think .."hey thats not right this shouldnt be here " ..only then I realise that ..Im not awake:(.......the economics professors are such darlings though they Just stare at me ....dont know wheat her there is sympathy there ...I think that too much to ask for though ....welllllllll..I find it funny dozing in class ...too bad we have only economics lectures because of the teachers strike all the more reason to miss college ..welll ...
Today however I did something very productive ...Karen N i got together to bake CAkes ...yeah CHOCOLATE cakes !!!!!!!!!! We did this once before for parents day where I stayed over at her place ...N got a scolding from my MOm!!what could I do ?? we had three cakes to bake n the Icing n all ...We had so much fun that night .....slept with our stomachs full of icing, batter n chocolate !!!!!!!

Well today we baked cakes for no occasion at all was the same chocolate cakes that we decided to bake ...actually it was Karen's Idea n I played along ......Its nice baking with Karen u know, we talk a lot ..we joke a lot and we like each others company ....we didnt get to this stage very easily u know ....but we do more than just baking cakes ..its like bonding for us .....we bitch bout our parents ..discuss what we r going to do further on in life ...n well for us ...Still ...the Hot topic here is GUYs ...yeah them or hate them u cant ignore them!!!!!its sad really both of us are almost in the same situation ...i.e we r the confidants n shoulders to cry on ..of the hunks we like..N i guess they Just dont get it !!!!!!!!which is very frustrating ..well even more frustrating for me especially is the fact that I have no control over my feelings at all when it comes to this ...I dont want to have these feelings however they r still there n for some one I would be great friends with otherwise ...well its a sucky life ......but Kaz n I have decided That we would take the reins in our own hands ...our unsuspecting romeos dont even know they have them u know ..I swore to do this before ...but reality hit me across the face after a while .....oh welll lets see what happens ....for those of u who r wondering why doesnt this girl collect her with n go n tell this guy n get it over with ...well

  1. Im Chicken ....(Im almost 20 n havent dated yet well for one I dont fall for every second guy ..this happens only once in a blue moon ...but I fall hard).
  2. I have a great friend in him ..don really wanna lose that.
  3. Im Chicken (rather let fear win :(..)

Well we'll c how it goes ...

coming back to our cake

The last time we baked we forgot to put in the required quantity of milk in KAren madam Ji puts in extra in one of the containers ....N guess what ???it turned out Just right !! the sponge in the other two with the lesser milk developed cracks:(... well never fear when ZENA's here !!! SUggested that we'd make rum balls with the tops that cracked

n we did

They r called Kaz' s n Zena's Super Rummy ballz!!!!!Well well will be giving our Special friend in college these to taste ....welll they turned out good ..n the extra kick made me happy ...happy happy happy!!!!!LOL

I have temporarily forgotten bout the teenage woes that I spoke bout ....well I think enough for today ...will write in more tomorrow now .... However I will leave u with a Passage from the bible that was chosen for reading at the community meeting today its from Mt 22:1-14 its bout a king keeping a feast ...n few ppl come for it ..(well im no gonna elaborate google the reading ) Ill just tell u what it meant to me ....welll the feast stands for all that is there out there for us all that we can achieve ..the king for me stands for the entity I choose to call God ...who invites us to participate fully in life ..i.e. doing all that we can do n achieving whatever we want ..the ppl who dont come for the feast are those who for some reason or the other choose to be complacent let life happen instead of making it happen ...n well in the parable its said taht they die ..the king orders them to be killed ..well to me if u do not do what u wanna do if ur not happy u will die inside ....

I interpreted the Reading this way ..well I liked my interpretation u know the "sin" versions that others gave .....I dont even know whether we r capable of sinning ...with God in us ?????oh well some may beg to differ ne ways I need shut eye to go to college tomorrow so i will cya later Cya .....

Greatest love is self Love pours out to others ....osmosis:)

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