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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mrs Clumsy's best !!!

I did the stupidest thing today!! .....Goodness!!! I feel like slapping my self across my face so hard!!!!!!!!!!

I missed the first lecture again ......However I was perfectly awake for both the economics lectures!! yeah WOW!!!!!!

Today after my long stint away from college ...responsibility approached me in the form of sister Rosa Asking about the mass preparations well Ill handle that in a Jiffy no problem ...what I cant handle is the Choir ....I know every thing will go Smoothly in the end ..but whose going to say that to dear panicky sister ...

We Scheduled practice at 3:00pm today, however Allanha, the girl in charge of the choir Wasn't able to make it ..I told her it was okay we could schedule the practice tomorrow......when I went to eat in the canteen I met two first years who were waiting for the practice ...These guys r science students n it broke my heart when I heard that they were waiting since 12.20..It was around 2.00 the prac was to start at 3 since most of the girls were from Arts ....... these two girls from science even cancelled their tuition's to come for the practice!!! Damn I felt super Bad !!!

Then I forgot to tell my friend Sharon who comes all the way from Mira Road that the practice is cancelled ...She stayed in college for two hours .....then messaged me accusing me of lying to her :(

Then tomorrow is our long over due Economics internal assesment for which I went to photocopy some stuff in the 15 minutes break that I had ....I missed the first part of one of the answers...So Later in psychology class, as I had to leave the class early for a meeting with the principal ....don't worry I'm Not in trouble..Just stuff for K-scope our college festival...(all of us in our team that takes care of security were wondering why we were called..) ..yeah As I had to leave early I asked one of my friends to do it for me and leave it with the Xerox guy ...

I had some work with Sister Rosa N so I hurried with that and I forgot to collect the papers .....

This is the best part right here I'm so amazed any one can be so stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the earlier copies that I had taken ...when I ask my friend to copy the remaining part that I missed .... for Some reason I Imagined me giving her the copies that I had, to attach it to the new one ....once I reached the station I remembered that I forgot to get the (new)copies....What I didn't remember is that I IMAGINED giving her the rest of the copies and so I gave up hope of ever giving the test ....when I came home n whiled away some of my time did I realise that I have the earlier copies n I can study a substantial amount !!!!!!!

N now here I am writing about It instead of studying ....I guess I had my Clumsy attack today !!!!!

Please if u see someone as clumsy ...tell him or her to contact me ....

Misery Loves company U c......

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