Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mrs Universe ?????

I am very proud to inform to whom so ever concerned .. That I did Attend college today!!!YAY!!!! We had Just two Economic lectures (a very good reason for me not to go)today ...I dozed in only one ..n even that was towards the end, when the teacher started using a language that didn't sound like English to me. My class Mates get to me though haven't they ever dozed for anything in their lives ????some of them look at me like I was from some other planet (Cant blame them though ..what I write in my semi sleep mode makes me think the same !!!!!!). My alarm tone was set to the song from Harry n the Potters called follow the spiders has a Catchy tune but neone who has read Harry Potter would roll with laughter at the song its God damn hilarious !!!!!!!!!!!instead of waking up I was singing along to the song in my head not realising that its my alarm tune ...I was just thankful for hearing this melody in the morning .....thankfully I had a late lecture today or else I wouldn't have started on such a happy note .. Now I was going to write bout ..the Miss Universe Pageant that was being advertised on TV, I was going to tell you'll how I found it all Shallow and meaning less, and how we, instead of moving ahead n looking beyond Beauty ..(u think if "mediocre" was thought "beautiful" what would have happened ???we would have loads of happy people here ...)we are regressing by allowing "them" to make a big thing bout women parading them selves around in their bikinis allowing them selves to be graded for it .....But then I thought.... Hey thats their business!! Not mine at all ....its no big deal, this thing happens only once a year .. yeah we mindlessly watch it ...a take it in n make our own judgements bout who looks best the same time despising others who would judge us the same way....its true dont deny it !!! So beauty pageants I have nothing against you any more ...i realise that u have ur own right .......although I would prefers some change or someone coming up with something different ..... True beauty can never be flaunted ....she lies there un assuming, unaware of who she is what she means, what she has done and what she can do ... I can name some of these beauties in my life ...My grand mom for example .....she is my role model ! hell I dont even think I deserve her as a grand mom sometimes u know. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met and im proud to be related to her !!! Her life was never a bed of roses ...She is the second of the five siblings..N being born as a girl in that time In India really was a sentence ...she was made to take care of her siblings, she sent them to school, looked after them , she was their pseudo mom ..her dad worked on the ship n well was not sober most of the time..they went through a lot when they were kids ....She was the one who took the initiative of coming to Bombay to earn a better living ..She was the one who made it a point to send my mom n her siblings to school....She was the one taking care of her mom- my great grand mom- in her old age, when she had every reason to be bitter n not to ...she is also the one who has been to Dubai, Canada n the US more than couple of times ..she is the one who despite her arthritis makes it a point to take us around in Goa ...does her own it bombay or Goa ..N doesn't complain ... I just cant... just cant express what my Grand mom means to me ..nothing I have written does justice to this woman ......her sacrifices, her struggles, her ability to pull through.. n make it look like the easiest thing in the world to do ...her amazing ability to forgive ppl who have caused her soooo much.. soo much of pain ...heck I still cant find It in my heart to forgive them sometimes.. I'm sad u know, all u guys reading this, Wish ul could know her as I do..this is one woman u have to experience ....I cant tell you how she is ....She is truly an example of the Phrase "When Life gives you a lemon ...take it and make a lemonade"! I don't know how she got to be such a personality u know ..she is more in tune with the times, more open minded than some of her own kids ...She is damn cool the way she accepts the "new age" and doesn't fight it ...she changes with changing times .....she is somebody I'd like to be ..yeah she is my role model ! I still haven't done her justice what ever I have written is so mediocre compared to the awesomeness of her personality .....I am but human ...Sometimes I wonder if my grand mom is ...I don't think she is ........ she is super human ..yeah ... Well (drum roll please )the Miss Universe crown goes to none other than Janet D'cruz !!!!!!!!! Take a bow NANA U deserve it !


  1. Interesting perceptive from an innocent mind.



  2. The author of this blog would have a different story about the unforgivable if she looked 20 years ago.

    It is the unforgivable that lifted the family away from an uncomfortable environment where one had to stay in line to answer nature call in an outdoor unsafe latrine.

    The author has to remember that women have been treated diffrently even now in India or else how can the authors mom have her best day of her life celebrations not taken care by the brother but by the unforgivable sister who did it without any hestation.

    The author is unaware that Mrs Universe wanted her daughter to seperate from her husband very early in the marriage in order to take control of her.

    The daughter refused and then the family bad mouthing and revengeful acts began.

    The daughter did say nothing with all the disrespect and abuse the family threw on her.

    The family might have taken the fruits of her work and enjoy in its comforts.

    This blot that Mrs Universe has, is not of all her making but collective action by some family members.

    Mrs Universe has done a lot right and needs the respect and dignity of all. She has a concious or else she can not feel the pain she feels today.

    This pain of guilt will not go away.

    We all need to pray for her .

    A family without Family Values has no meaning and we have been brough to this point by greed and envy of family members.

    The unfgivable have forgiven her and all the family and moved on so the author has to know facts and move on.

    The unforgivable have a happy family life and a good future ahead of them.

    This artificial joy