Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A curious Virus.

Woke up with a weird feeling today, alas I was Infected! ……

 I looked at my notes of economics that I possessed and my reaction confirmed my belief,I didnt understand anything ……Gibberish!

I, as I told a good friend earlier that nite was Under-Under Prepared…Oh well.. I thought Ill at least give the exam, beats not giving one..

Somehow this year, I’m not scared of doing like Crap!......Well… the fact that this time the marks don’t matter and will have no consequence whatsoever does help to ease my worries..;).

Turns out that none of the people I know were prepared…… all.

And these were not just people saying that they were not prepared because they wanted to blend in with the crowd, by the looks of it there is a I-don’t-care-enough-to-study-for-the exams flu going around campus, or is it just a few friends I know ??*anxious*I hope the virus does its Job.

                While in the train, I was not making a great effort to study, I didn’t see the point much more could I cram up?? ..and I had to understand what I was reading, I don’t understand sometimes what’s with economics..whats with the big words? By the time I reach the middle of the page my mind stops registering what I read and I’m just reading, kinda like what happens during the lectures!   So I was jabbering away in the train to keep myself entertained, no I really didn’t care that my friends were trying to study, since we were bitten by the same bug I knew they were just trying to appear normal for the fear of God -alone- Knows what!! ….Karen even said a few times that she didn’t feel like studying ! But yet the poor thing was making an effort to cram..

                 As a part of my train entertainment programe I started with me "Whys" (my favorite companions) Why do we have to study?  What consequence is our education going to have ?  Will I need to know Lewis’s Theory of unlimited labour supply to survive? Will Solow and Lebinstein help me with the laundry?
We all know we are doing this for the stupid certificate that calls us Graduates…but what’s the point of graduating if well at the end of it we don’t know what we are graduating for!

I made a wrong choice I tell U and I am realizing it now ……But if I didn’t make this choice I would never know its wrong
 I didn’t think it out properly, and I have to live with it!
                     When we reached Grant Road Station, we decided that we would get done in half an hour and meet in the canteen later, I met my friend Cheryl on my way to class, she appeared so calm and confident, I asked her if she was prepared she told me she wasn’t, some how I couldn’t buy that, It intimidated me further, I told her I was under-under prepared and she said its okay everyone is ….She didn’t seem so, I wished her Luck and headed for class. I was glad I didn’t come across any class mates, they ask me whether I have done this and that and name chapters I never knew existed! This does nothing for my nerves, it also hampers with my ability to make upon stuff on the spot and this is a ability I had to rely on today so I had to maintain it!

                 I wrote Slowly and deliberately in class, I was thinking about how to make my self sound convincing, and I just attempted three out of the eight questions there, so well, I thought Id do my best*sniggers*. I hoped to be the first out of class but two fellow infected economic double majors got there before me, Oh well I thought, third place for me then, just had to complete a sentence but when I raised my head I saw another ailing Double major leave !

Not even Third !!! WHY GOD WHY!!*sniff sniff*

                   I “completed” my paper and handed it over with a big smile on my face.. I don’t know why. I guess the first times are always special . I knew that other fellow infecteds would soon follow. Everyone waits for someone to hand over the paper first, some one..a leader.. to take the initiative and non verbally express the simple truth , “I didn’t study and I don’t Give a damn”, the rest follow immediately. I don’t know why I was smiling, I gave a dismal performance but yet there was a spring in my step. It’s the virus I guess, I like being infected though.

                On my way out I met Cheryl I asked her how she did, she said she wrote one… actually half an answer, she was glowing, Cheryl’s joy is very infectious!! It looks like I was the one bluffing when I was boasting about how under-under prepared I was! We had a good Laugh and I was on my way home. Abnormal Psychology next……I'm still infected though.

                Oh and I didn’t mention this, on our way to college I was testing out Karen’s Foofa Fortune game, Its something like a virtual Magic eight ball …

This was my Question,
“Are these studies important, will they matter in Life?”

                      Foofa answers: NO WAY!

                         All hail the Foofa!!!!!!!!!!!!

My worst paper ever and Im all smiles.........Some..Including my former self, may say I have lost it.....

But the Mona Lisa Smile I see in the mirror reminds me.......I know something that U don't...*Wink*