Sunday, August 1, 2010


               ...That's the number of Friends on my Facebook Account.
 Amazing as it may seem to me ...barring maybe 5 to 6 of them I have met almost all the rest personally atleast once in my life.

              "It's the ones you can call up at 4:00 a.m. that really matter."-- Marlene Dietrich 
              While coming home from mass one of my Friends N , Fr Henry and I shared a Rickshaw.........N was talking about how he doesn't believe in the whole Friends- are- your- world and You- must- Sacrifice- everything- for- your friends quotes that he reads around. So Fr Henry Pestered him to tell him why .. N reveled that he had a really bad experience with a group of people he used to call his friends ........This has left him bitter and he takes long to trust people now. I know quite a few people like that.
 "Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends whom we choose." -- Tehyi Hsieh
I don't know whether I was wise or whether I am plain Lucky ...
But Karen, Bee, Sabi, Cheryl, Priya, Esperta,Virgin I'm privileged to have found friends in amazing people like you'll.

I sit Quietly By
As tears Drop you don't ask me why.
You sit patiently by my side,
Telling me to take Everything in my stride.

From You I have no places no Faces to hide.

You remind me of who I am,
Of what Ive done and Still Can.

Crazy isn't Crazy enough for you,
I'm surprised you're not gone Crazy too!

You're a Purposeful Part of My God's Mighty plan I can See.
Handcrafted, Trademarked and Specially sent for Me!

Blessed is the day we met..
The day A bond was forged
So strong
It hasn't gone weak yet!

A Bond that's a privileged to only a Few ....
And So your not only my Friend but my Family too!
I sent this to my closest Friends last year ! One of them sent it back just as I was thinking about it!
This is for you guys!

Whether its to give me advice, correct my spelling mistakes, bring me back down to reality, tell me I have bad breath, listen to me rant about 'The One', Bake a Cake, rave about Harry Potter! watch a Movie or just to talk or hold the line while I regain my composure and say "I wasn't crying" ............ You guys have been there !

And I feel Blessed knowing you'll!

                           Happy Fraaandships Day! ;)