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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everyone has their place!

           Today as I was getting ready to get into a Comfortably-Empty Madh bus to reach the tuition's, two things happened,
  1.  I got annoyed when saw a couple of men blocking the entrance, making it difficult to get in.
  2. A man stopped his bike exactly in front of the door, in this confusion I wasn't able to enter into that Comfortably-Empty Madh bus! I rolled my eyes at that man very annoyed that I was delayed due to no fault of my own. I rolled my eyes again thinking about the damn situation and stood waiting for another bus to come. 
         As a Somewhat-Crowded Marve bus arrived three successive thoughts crossed my mind,
  • "Great this bus is crowded I could have just entered the previous bus" (great annoyance at the motorist)

  • "Wait a minute that's something that doesn't happen all the time(thought about chance encounters, and empty buses that other delays have brought), is God trying to do something"

  •  "Oh shit I forgot the papers!!!!!"

         As the Somewhat-Crowded Marve bus was approaching I rushed back home to pick up the Geography papers that I had checked and had to return weeks ago to the students of standard 10th. I kept forgetting to take it along and asked a student to remind me today, despite the reminder I had forgotten to take the papers along. I laughed at myself and said a 'Thank God' least God had done the job effectively!

        As I went back to the bus stop I was pleasantly surprised at the sight of the Extremely-Empty Marve bus approaching the stop.
 I kept saying thanks to God and Christ!

I cant say that I still wasn't annoyed with that motorist, I cant curse him for making me miss the bus too.
The motorist is still annoying but Thank God for him!

Whoever you are Mr Motorist.....

 God Bless U!.


  1. whatever happens .. happens for good

  2. glad i read it early morning!! im a sucker for such experiences!! Cheers