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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Woman's Day and changing Cognitions.

   Today is Holi the Indian festival of colors, the celebration brotherhood, and harvest and of the triumph of good over Evil! To read more about the festival go here.
               Today is also Women's day ......sigh....... I would be pleased if Men's day was celebrated with equal enthusiasm here. All this while I thought that Men didn't have a day dedicated to them, that was just my ignorance, it turns out they do! 19th November is celebrated as International Men's day. The history of Women's day is pretty cool, however if we talk about inequality I don't know how much having an International day for women helps, maybe it is just ignorance talking, Google can tell me only as much as I am willing to read :)
                It’s great to have an international Women's day and a Men's day........ However it would be even better if we had an International Gender Equality day! A day not just for men or women but for both, where we promote respect for oneself and the opposite gender as well as understand the needs and problems and inequalities that both the genders face. I am uncomfortable to be put on a pedestal and have stereotypical attributes assigned to me just because I am a Woman. I really don't know how it is around the world, but around where I live, there is no equality between genders and all of us are somehow expected to fit in roles assigned by the society and sometimes instead of gender equality we see the empowerment of just the women folk. Men are victims of gender inequality too; they are also playing by the rules of society. While this may be fine for some people, there are people who may feel pressured by society expecting them to behave in a certain way. I am a conformist to a certain extent and I am greatly influenced by society's expectations of me, I fear rejection, this attitude keeps me from really expressing who I am and sometimes even I can be in the dark about that.
            I don't know if I am ready to say that I am going to take a stand about it, but after this post is published I can’t go around with a blank look on my face and deny that I ever wrote such a thing, it will become my responsibility to mind my thoughts, actions and words so at-least form my side there isn't any cognitive dissonance ;)
            Sophia’s ( my college) has made me less prejudiced about women but more prejudiced about men, so now it’s up to me to delete those thoughts and adopt a more balanced outlook. This is going to mean not smirking when I see one of my guy friends check himself out in the nearest reflecting surface, or when one tells me that he is applying Livon silky potion to his hair when I complimented him about it, it means that I may not even go "awwwwwww" in my head when I see a guy get emotional or play with a baby or write poetry or be super sensitive, or think something’s wrong if he isn't into something macho, or talks with a mildly flailing hand( U c how influenced I am). It is possible that I may even NOT externally do the above because some of it- specifically the "awww" moments- I am fond of, but I know for sure that there is going to be some difference in my thoughts and actions regarding this issue.
             And if you'll think I am being prejudiced about a particular gender you can remind me of what I have written or forever hold your peace, of course because it is in my nature I will counter you with a quick but witty retort but yes I will remember and will be grateful to you for reminding me :).


  1. super like!! .. meaningful post

  2. I'll have to remind you that you wrote this post every five minutes.

  3. I had to keep correcting it! I somehow can only see the mistakes after I have published it. Oh dear!! please don't say it shows up on blogger :(

  4. I like the way u think Zen, super post.

  5. lyk ur thought on d "International Gender Equality Day" post zen....good going... :-)elly

  6. we are very lucky person because we are living with very thought full person as well as relly very nice post