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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Tribute ....

Three Days seems like a long Time, I think I am in Love with my blog.

We had a program in college from the 1st-3rd called ‘LIVE-IN’, now don’t go getting shocked or anything ...what can be scandalizing about a group of girls living in college and attending various personality and spiritual development sessions??? Well that’s what our Live in was about ...the term was coined long before Live -in relationships became rampant and the word assumed a different connotation.

The Program was pretty nice..we didn’t have the usual crowd coming for the Live-In ...there were a lot of freshers ....Girls Just out of school ....for whom maybe it was the first time away from their parents .........Boy were they Noisy!!!!!! I know I will sound like a grand mom n clichéd when I say this.....but boy were WE sober!!! It really tested my patience irritation would increase along with their decibels....It was my test in self control and letting go, If I did give them a piece of my mind it would spoil the whole atmosphere of the place and I didn’t want that, and after all they were just kids ..They will Grow ....this thought (reinforced by friends too) is what made it all easier to bear. However I did kinda yell at them last night after repeatedly telling them to keep quite for not letting the others sleep ...they were still very noisy….they seemed to think they were the only people in the room!!

All of them weren’t like that ...some held their own and two seemed to be really beyond their years ...It was nice getting to know them.

I liked this live- in though, I got to know some new people and renewed and deepened old friendships.

On the 2nd of October was Gandhi Jayanti(the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi) our coordinator Sister Patricia lovingly known as Sister Pat asked us to attend mass...she even asked her community to change the mass timings to 7:00am to suit our waking up time. The mass was a very nice experience, it was the first time I came a cross an authentic Indian mass, complete with chants, bhajans and Aarti. I felt very nice to see the way the sisters imbibed Indian culture ...They tend to blur the lines of religion; this is one characteristic of their congregation that I really like.

The introduction contained Quotes from the Mahatma and also reminded us that it was Lal Bahadur Shashtri's Bday too, so we prayed for the gift of both of them to us.

While having my evening Chai (tea) today, I put on the TV to see that ‘GANDHI’ the movie was going on. The moment I saw it on TV instantly my mind flew back to my Visit to Aga Khan Palace in Pune. This was the place where Gandhi was imprisoned by the British along with his Wife and Assistant both of whom died there.

For me it was hallowed ground.

We walked in silence talking it all in ..........I couldn’t believe I was walking on the same place this great man did.

As I watched the movie I was deeply touched by the principles this man stood for and stood by ...HE was true to what he believed in...Love Peace and Non-Violence…….. and he practiced what he preached.

I takes great self belief to stand for what he stood for.........

In a time where Indians were holding arms against the British for our freedom he had the courage to stand up and inspire a different way of revolt...

He decided to prick the British conscience............

He showed people how the fight fire with Soothing cool water of Love and peace …..

He stood up against injustice but in the process made sure that he didn’t imitate the ways of his oppressors.

In his own words "The only tyrant I (He) accept(ed) in this world is (was) the still voice within."

As the movie progressed to the conflicts between Gandhi and Jinnah and the problem of Violence between the Hindus and the Muslims.....I was getting more absorbed by this Man's personality as portrayed by Richard Attenborough with Ben Kingsley very beautifully playing the Role of Gandhi.

I felt like protecting him shielding his light from the harsh winds of the world that really didn’t seem to understand the profoundness of what he preached....................

It then Hit me how much I owe to this man who barely knew me ......Who fought for the rights of women like me.....who awoke the Spirit of revolution among the Indian people in such a potent way that the British with their brute strength and fire power could not Suppress......

Who set an example for the whole of India to follow.....

And I cried ….I don’t know why….. but... I cried......

I felt for this man, who without thinking twice put his life on line for me that I can have my freedom of expression that I can have my dignity so that I can be proud of who I am today.

I Salute him and I promise to make the most of this gift I have received from this man.....very few nations have such powerful and noble leaders................

I feel blessed to share my citizenship with him.

“Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it - always.”


Jai Ho;)

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