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Monday, January 16, 2012

Self Respect

I HAd to Blog about this now.......
              We in college are going to be doing a work shop on Self-Esteem for which I have been reading up recently. I came across this article today, just a few minutes ago, it's here,  this article speaks about the difference between self esteem and self respect, it says that self esteem involves mental process, encompasses thoughts and beliefs of one self, however it isnt of a concerte nature. It is just developing pride in your self for who you are. The article then goes on to talk about the inner voice and how just having positive affirmations isn't enough, one has to act out such values too, this is where the concept of self respect jumps in.  Self respect is "walking the talk" not just correcting a negative thought it is as the definition says,the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect.

 " doing things that will  measure up to external standards of good behavior, accomplishment and cause for admiration.So then unlike self esteem which is internal and can easily be effected by moods,Your mood doesn't affect these standards because they come from outside of you.
             NOBODY can take them away from you. If someone tries to cut you down, you can compare that person's words with what you have accomplished and the standards of behavior that you attempt to attain. The words just don't fit the facts. And that erodes their credibility, not yours.
              These accomplishments are not susceptible to moods. You can have a serious bout of self-doubt or a bad day. Without these(the accomplishments), you could be plunged into a downward spiral of lowering self-esteem. With these foundations, however, you can only plunge so far if you choose to use them. The whispering voices of doubt are proven wrong by the solid track record of positive behavior.
               Conversely, if you do bad things, your self-respect is going to suffer. And odds are you will have to replace it with self-esteem."
            What I find very interesting is how self esteem and self respect are intertwined, why these article struck me was because,it helped me understand the value of positive behavior and that self talk, although it has its virtues has to be backed by action.
I cant just say, "I Love my self." I gotta show it. It maybe simple things, like avoiding people that bring you down, buying that pair of shoes, getting a particular hair cut or even not staying up till 1 am to finish post that I just HAVE to write for some reason. Although things like self esteem as well as self respect can be a double edged sword (in many ways ... m lazy to write about it just now), anything is excess isn't good.
I'm Glad I had this surprisingly AHA moment today, it has strangely put things in a different perspective and is something that will color my thoughts hence forth. :)


  1. interesting ... seems like ur lots with ur research these days ... well nice topic.. and an equally post !! :)

  2. :) Wish I was a lot with my research these days :)

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  4. Cheers!! positivity should never be underestimated