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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Family :)

FAmily .........
  • If there is one thing I have learn't .. is that things don't remain secret any longer ......When you put the "Ill tell U but U don't tell anybody s" together...U realize EVERYONE Knows .......they just need one to admit it.

  • Everyone Bitches.

  • Sometimes ...when U Know someone is heading for hell You let them Get there discover it and get back ... And Save the precious "I told U so s" .

  • They Say "I don't care" but they still Do...

  • They Say "I don't want to know" cos they  know they will eventually find out....

  • Some of the major lessons U learn are by observing your Family.

  • U learn to avoid some major Mistakes by observing  them  too.

  • They Cry for sad occasions like a death and joyous occasions like a marriage too.

  • They sometimes cry for no reason at all.

  • After a certain point even the Dogs start farting silently and Looking around for the culprit.

  • Keeping the toilet door open while Crapping and Peeing is not considered an offense.

  • They check out whether your partner has a stable Financial background and a Job, at the same time emphasizing the fact that money doesn't always matter ....

  • "Ill pay" "Ill pay" "no Ill pay" up damn it!

  • If Given a chance almost half of the "I dos" would have been changed to "I donts".(or so they say ;) )

  • Mothers can use Motherhood as means of emotional blackmail.

  • Children always think they are grown ups and Grown ups........well children DON'T grow up don't U know ?

  • Those who don't have the guts to kill U will only make U stronger !

  • U realize that sometimes there is some truth to those 'K' serials ......

  • Everyone thinks they are right and in a funny way ...... they all are.

Love, Hate, Agreements, Disagreements, tears and Laughter,calm serenity and angry outburst......yes there are downs and ups, family are the only people we never consiously choose to be with ....we are placed there by God for his own reasons. At the end of the day, no matter how annoyed, hurt or irritated we are we always gotta remember this line, "what to do they are family know?" :)

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts." -Author Unknown

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