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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A difficult Job.

                                               "You will realize when you have kids "
      Those words always have made me uncomfortable.. Its like in a horror movie when some character hints at whats in store ahead.
      I have always heard this response whenever I have criticized my parents on their parenting skills.
In the Song Affirmation by Savage Garden there is this line
"I believe that parents did the best job they knew how to do"
Well now I  empathize more and more with what my parents had to deal with.
It really is not that easy, and more often than not you get labeled 'bad' for the good that your trying to do!

What has caused this realization ?

          The really annoying children in the tuition classes I work for and the kids of the previous years confirmation batch (oh, I don't want to not give the confirmation students of 2010 their credit for giving me a renewed respect for my parents!)

           I don't know how the Parents do it , how my parents did it. I know how I was as a child, pretty argumentative about the 'whys' and 'whats' of things, if I had to deal with me as an adolescent I would go MAD.
          I remember what my brother and I did and said as kids, while we loved our parents, we also made it a point to express how we 'didn't' love them at times. However, our parents allowed this expression, I remember telling my mum " I wish I was never born", my brother saying " If you ll' don't know how to take care of kids you;ll shouldn't have given birth to us in the first place."
          Now I know how it feels to know, that what your doing is going to be met with rebellion but doing it anyways.Knowing that your kids are gonna hate you but, still taking the brunt of it because you love them.
So thinking about the kids in the confirmation class and those at the tuition, I went to my mama and said a heartfelt sorry for being a total ass, "Parenting is not easy" I said " Its not easy" I kept saying.
It isn't.



  1. hmmmmmmm !!! ur pretty rebellious i must say :P hehe .. well happens at times.. i agree!!

  2. YEah ....... I wonder why my mum and dad take it u know..... neway just saw so many spelling mistakes here O Goodness!

  3. When you become a parent, you bond with your own children in a way that you don't with someone else's. So it's one of those things you can't truly understand until you become a parent.

    And no, parenting is not easy, but it can also be infintely rewarding. I love being a Dad :)

  4. :) "I love being a Dad". I used to always underestimate what parents have to deal with ...
    There us something beautiful about parenting and parents :)