Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Divine Intervention....

In Summary....
I was dead hungry, sitting in the computer room doing some reading during our "five minute" break, had a thought the girls may order for sandwiches, and I'd go and order one, but alas  my computer would be occupied if I did get up.....
A fleeting thought passed my mind, "Lord let him bring an extra Saada(plain) Sandwich".
Tummy rumbled.....
Received a message that class started.
Enter class.(Look around for Sandwiches)
No sandwiches.
"They must have not placed an order!",
I  wouldn't have to watch the others eat as my tummy rumbled with regret.
Then as though waiting for his cue....
Enter Sandwich walla!
I slump...
My mind goes "Ooooooohhhhhhhh crap!!"
"Please let him have an extra one God! please!"
 "How will one materialize now stupid!", said my well intentioned mind.

Sandwich walla helps student distribute sandwich,
"Bina Kaanda"(No onions),
"Kam thika" (less spicy),
 "Toast" (Toast),
OUCH ... Tummy rumbled.......

When suddenly,
"Who ordered for another Saada?"
I looked around, hoping no one raised their hand.
My classmate called out again,
No one raised their hand,
promptly my hand goes up,
"Ill buy that!!"

"One Sandwich Miracle coming right up!"

Thanks God!!! :*

Please make haste and send my I- pad now ;) :D


  1. wah wah :D it a sada sandwich miracle

  2. Food n U....go :-P
    N d Zenosphere - I Talk....U listen damn apt wid it...

  3. @Cherly "Sandwich Miracle" is what I wanted to call it first.... But It just seemed too obvious.....
    @Anonymous.. Thanks ..... I wish food and I would go together more often...