Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lookie Here !!!

I visited Nashik recently Look what I found there ;)

For those who don't know this is My Brother -Brother Dustin, he is a

Salesian and will be doing his first profession on the 24th of this month ... he was just trying on the cassock here. (Update 9/5/11: Had to take the pic of the Cassock Off coz my mum felt it wasn't right as he had not professed already, she compared it to releasing the picture of someones wedding Gown before the wedding,( this particular analogy didn't really work for me coz I have different views about weddings and wedding gowns.. )  However  I guess I should have been more sensitive about it. :)
I’m Not too sure whether he would be thrilled I have put this picture up ( Update9/5/11: Cassock or No Cassock, he wont be thrilled if I put up any picture of his on my Blog he feels awkward U c )(It takes 4hrs to reach Bombay from there any way).........................

This a real Big thing for him and for us too, I can’t believe that this is happening already, Dustu still feels unworthy because (m so glad for this) he realizes the responsibility he is taking up and has a desire to be true to it and wonders if he is capable of living up to it. I really don’t understand if we can ever be worthy, we need Gods Grace for that.

Really..... God sees and Knows what we couldn’t have seen and known in a thousand years :).

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