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Friday, July 30, 2010

What 50% did to me !

50 Percent!
50 Percent!!!!
Wow !!!
I never expected this.
I know I should have expected it considering all the effort I put in my studies, but I never had to study much to land good marks it was always easy for me....
But 50 percent!
Now If I was Living alone with no living witness to my existence I would be able to digest this, I would have ignored it .....Said to myself it doesn't Matter ............
How ever those outside echo what I feel within ....
"I could have done better !"

                 I guess not doing too well in my academics made me realise(what my close ones were telling me all along was true) that I actually have the capacity and am not using it, or maybe it has made me ashamed and made me strive for more.
                 Whatever it is that 50 percent along with "second class" has Woken me up!
                 Its funny And I don't know how it Happened but now I KNOW that I can do better ..
Its like Been kicked off from bed when your having a dream of flying!
I have Landed head first on the ground ..
 and my head on the ground is what I need.,

I never considered Life After College, never thought seriously about it, but now I'm less on Face book more on Google.. looking up Colleges Job Profiles loading myself with information ........I have never been this concerned and this participative I'm  my life ...I am normally the Passive types I'd rather wait for things to fall in my lap....
Actually that's what I was doing the entire holidays .....
Looking to the heavens and waiting for some divine intervention ...some Giant hand to point the way ........

Nothing Happened ..

I guess the 50 percent along with a combination of events has jogged me back to the reality that my life will be what I want it to be and I cant take everything for granted.

The 50 percent has jogged me out of my complacence.
In a Funny way it has instilled me confidence ..
I know everything will be okay ..
I have been brought down to reality and m being level headed and feel the responsibility of my decisions.
I have also learnt some Humility parents were right after all ....I have to admit that ........

Well the 50 percent is a life changing experience brought on by my own carelesness and I needed it ......
And ........
Im Glad it happened....


  1. So much for there being life after 'failure', in this case a 50%!

  2. 'Failure' is not a block .... thats what its about dum bum!