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Monday, November 30, 2009

Mera Favourtie Word.....

One word ....
It will get you Thinking,
Don't be satisfied with the "it has to be this way", "because I said so", "they said so, so it must be true", "Just"or "No reason" answers ....

Firstly ...with me .. the last two can be majorly disappointing conversation Killers!

And well there is almost always a reason behind everything.....

A satisfying answer just as unique as we are, that makes sense and resonates with our being.......(here I'm really not talking bout stuff like, "Why do U like Tea and Not Milk? " although..come to think of It there are good reasons hmm...I can elaborate ...But I'll spare U the trouble....)
Discovering such "answers" has given me great Joy ..and made life more meaningful..................

I Love "WHY"!!!

Its the best Word ever made ...invented ...spoken...
Question the world around you ...Its fun....

Embark on the journey of the "Why"!

All U need is an Open Mind and a Receiving Heart Books, the Internet, Patient parents, Supportive friends and a world that understands the obsession......:)


  1. hmm Zena... Why did you write this? ok that was a sad one! nice article, now this post expains why I'm so inquisitive!

  2. Oh so Ur a Fellow Fan of the "Why" all hail the WHY!!...the "why did U write this" comment caught me off guard ya I thought U didnt understand!! Thanks btw!

  3. Hail Why!!! ::do I sound Like those Nazis???::

  4. HAil WHy!!
    the Nazis Should have said that it would have saved everyone the trouble.