Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My Dog of 11 years died on Christmas day,
It was sad and kinda unexpected, we knew she was ill on the 24th so we decided that we would take her to the doctor the next day...but well, I guess we did underestimate how ill she was. Although I will miss her, Pity's Dying thought me sumthing...and well even if it is something that I have known, It is something I have come to experience now.
         On Christmas day when I was attending the morning mass with my family, I was wondering about how the people who have lost their loved ones may feel on days like Christmas, New year, Birthdays and special days they shared with their Loved ones. Loosing my dog made me feel so gloomy even when I was trying not to be , it got me thinking about how those others managed a smile on days like these. When those who made the festive season one to look forward to weren't here. The gloom in me was very small compared to what they must be going through.
So, I said a prayer.... for them.. and for me.
          I guess God heard my prayer, because after that whenever I thought about Pity; whether it was her lifeless being lying on the floor, or whether it was her running to greet us every time we came home, or the way she used to gently lick our faces when she was happy....I could do nothing but say THANK YOU. I still am thanking God for her...because we think of her every time, she was such a fixture in our family and while we do feel her absence, we are privileged to thank God for her presence.
           Losing pity has brought life to those words, "Mourn not but, Rejoice in the life that was lived."

To be able to lift up to God in Thanks, what would otherwise be a plea for help was a a special gift Christmas gave, a Gift that I could have only hoped for.


  1. So sorry for your loss and I'm glad you're finding a way to celebrate more and mourn less.

  2. My sympathies Anez :((

    I truly believe Pity is in a better place now!

    Prayers for you, and blessings for the new year too!

  3. <3 her memories will forever stay with you.